Technologies I'm learning in 2023

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The list of technologies that I'm going to be learning throughout this year.

Technologies I'm learning in 2023

There are a lot of things technologies that I didn't get to learn throughout 2022, so this year I'm making it a goal to learn the following technologies and tools.

Programming Languages

  • PHP - This might be an odd choice for a lot of people since It's not "trendy" but I'm purely learning PHP for the career aspect, 78% of websites are still using PHP, both legacy and modern web applications.
  • Advanced TypeScript - I already know the basics of TypeScript and some intermediate topics but I really want to dive into the more advanced topics and learn about how the TypeScript compiler works.
  • SQL - I've always been an ORM fanboy so It's time to switch things up.

Frontend Frameworks

  • Svelte - In 2022 there was a lot of hype around Svelte, and it looked promising. One of the benefits of Svelte is that it's more lightweight than React and requires a lot less code.

The list isn't too crazy but I think learning a technology or tool or improving your knowledge of what you already know is more beneficial than learning a bunch of programming languages that you don't plan in using in future.

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