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I'm a 20 year old software engineer based in the UK, I mostly specialize in web development, mainly frontend development.

I use a variety of technologies to ease the development process, when working on the client I use TypeScript & Next.js and for the backend development I use either NodeJS or PHP. For databases I have the most experience in PostgreSQL and SQL.

I'm also very passionate about systems programming and networking, recently I've been picking up Rust and so far I'm loving it. I also have some networking notes so If you're interested about getting into networking then be sure to check those out!

Aside from programming I also love to travel and watch anime in my spare time, currently my favorite anime shows are One Piece , Dragon Ball and Attack on Titan.

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If you would like to connect with me, whether we have previously interacted online or in person, I invite you to join my community server on Discord. It is an open space that welcomes anyone who may be interested in getting to know me and engaging with like-minded individuals.

Note: To maintain a safe environment for all members, it is important that you carefully review and accept the server guidelines and rules upon joining.

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If you want to find out more about my professional experience and the work I've done then please head over to my LinkedIn page.

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React Engineer β€’ 2023 β€’ Part-time β€’ Remote

Helped out with building, maintaining, implementing, and improving the user experience on Aviato.

Carmel, Indiana - United States

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Frontend Engineer β€’ 2021 β€’ Part-time β€’ Remote

One primary task was to convert the React app to from consuming a RESTful API to a GraphQL API.

Mississauga, Ontario - Canada

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Drop Zone


Manager β€’ 2019 β€’ Part-time β€’ Remote

Helped up with uploads on the channel, social media, and managing the Drop Zone community.

United States


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