Reflecting on 2022

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Reflecting on last year

Reflecting on 2022

First of I want to start off by saying happy new year! Last year has been pretty eventful for me and a lot of other people, a lot has happened! I'm writing this short belong post to reflect on my achievements.

I want to mainly talk about my experience as a developer, from the start of 2022 I was past the beginner stage but I didn't really have any projects under my belt, when I was first learning to code I made the mistake of continuously watching tutorial videos on YouTube and Udemy, this is known as tutorial hell. At the start of 2022, I made a goal to contribute to open source and build some projects that you can view on my GitHub page.

I'm now more confident in my skills as a developer and I've also fallen in love with open source, this year I'm starting a project that will be dedicated to providing open-source tools for developers, check it out here.

2022 Review

  • Turned 19 ✅
  • Contributed to open source ✅
  • Joined university ✅
  • Increased my finance ✅
  • Improved my dev skills significantly ✅
  • Met some cool folks ✅
  • Made over 700+ commits on GitHub ✅

If you're curious about my 2023 goals then check them out here, as always I wish you the best, stay healthy, work hard and always dream big!

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