My thoughts on Artificial Intelligence

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Just some thoughts on My thoughts on artificial intelligence and what I think it means for us and how we can use it to improve our daily lives.

My thoughts on Artificial Intelligence

Recently in the tech world, AI is currently the hot subject to talk about, with ChatGPT being the most talked about, I wanted to just share some of my thoughts on everything AI related.

Why should you care?

Before I answer this question, I highly urge you try out ChatGPT and ask it any question you like, you'll see It's pretty damn impressive. Not only can it answer your questions, it can also generate and fix code, don't believe me? Check this out below.

In the screenshot above I asked ChatGPT to "Generate a React component that renders a list of items" and it did so perfectly, it even generates a description so you can understand underlying logic. Obviously this is a simple example but ChatGPT is more than capable of generating more complex code.

So should you care? Yes. I think using tools such as ChatGPT doing for doing really niche tasks is great for productivity, for example, I use ChatGPT to write most of my emails and to improve my grammar and punctuation.

Will my job be replaced?

I think jobs that can be replaced by AI will be replaced, what do I mean by "can"? By that I mean jobs like customer service or any job that involves doing repetitive tasks will be replaced by AI.

Recently, in the software engineering world, I've heard many people mention that AI could replace software engineering roles. However, I'm 100% confident that this will not happen. Writing high-quality software requires a good understanding of the problem you're trying to solve. By problem, I mean both business and technical problems, which only humans can fully comprehend. AI can solve niche coding problems, but as a employee, you'll be solving business-specific problems that AI cannot contextualize.


To conclude, I think we should be more cautious about the development of AI. However, I also believe we should utilize it to improve the productivity of our lives. Obviously, you should not rely solely on ChatGPT to complete assignments because if you cannot perform tasks without it when on the job, you may get fired. But yeah, that's about it. Enjoy your day! 😊

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