How I wake up at 5am

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How I went from sleeping at 2am and waking up at 1pm to sleeping at 8pm and waking up at 5am.

How I wake up at 5am

Recently I've decided to fix my sleep schedule and start waking up at 5am, I decided to make this change in my life after realising that I wasn't a night owl and staying up until 2am wasn't for me.

Why am I waking up at 5am?

Well the reason is simple, I always thought I was a night owl, all my friends were so I initially thought I was too, most of them would stay up really late into the early mornings working. I was like that too for a long time but for me, I never felt productive working late in the night, I would wake up feeling guilty because I was waking up around 12pm-1pm, I would feel sluggish during the day, my brain didn't function properly and it was affecting my mental health.

On January 4th I decided to start going to bed at around 8pm-9pm and wake up at 5am every day, I made this choice to see if it would work out for me and to see If I'd enjoy waking up early in the morning. Here's my current streak:

Btw the app is called Commit if anyone is wondering. At first, waking up at 5am can be quite hard but if you sleep early and really push yourself to get out of bed then it's possible. Now that I'm waking up at 5am I feel so much better and I'm a lot more productive.

How do I wake up so early?

Well, there are 2 simple things I do in order to wake up early in the morning.

  1. Place your phone away from you.
  2. Sleep early.

For the first step you probably have heard before in blogs and YouTube videos, but it's so effective, especially for me who can spend hours watching YouTube on my phone, having your phone away from you really forces you to try to fall asleep.

You've definitely heard the second point before, as cliche as it is, this is probably the most important factor in waking up early in the morning, our bodies need sufficient rest to prepare for the day, if your body is rested well then waking up early is going to be a pain and you'll still feel sluggish during the day, so get your 8 hours of sleep in!

What do I do when I wake up?

  • Take a shower
  • Workout / Gym
  • Eat breakfast
  • Work on assignments
  • Improve my programming skills
  • Work on personal projects
  • Writing blogs or notes


For me waking up early is a huge benefit, this blog outlines how It works for me and why I do it. I want to state that waking up early might not be for everyone and I understand that, but I would recommend that everyone tries it a few times and see how it goes, the real takeaway from this is to try new things and do what works best for you.

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